October 6, 2020 mcfadyena

YOU Did it!

Hello MPS II Fund and Trey supporters,
YOU did it!!!!!

I’ve said so many times that your donations and support will save boys’ lives, I wanted to share this with you. It’s for real! Read here for more information:


Our fundraising and YOUR support in all the multitude of ways has landed in a gene therapy for MPS II slated to start in 2021. This project began from the MPSII Fund, which in turn raised these funds with your support. This wouldn’t be happening without The MPSII Fund. It wouldn’t be happening without you.   

THANK YOU. With all our love,
Deb, Ryan, Trey and ALL of our family

PS – This is Andrew McFadyen hijacking the email quickly to recognize Deb Purcell, Kristin Higginson, Courtney Redmond, JF Aublet, and Edith Lecroix – the team tirelessly heading the MPSII Fund.  They, along with you all, have helped change the world today – something most people only talk about.  Be proud of the difference you’ve made – it matters for each and every person battling MPSII across the globe.


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