October 18, 2017 mcfadyena

Construction Cares: an Interactive Activity Filled Event for Children and Adults of All Ages!

image1We have an exciting announcement! Earlier this year, the company who built our house, Naikoon Contracting, approached me to put on a fundraiser for our MPS II Research Fund. With the initiative of Joe Geluch, President of Naikoon Contracting, we are holding Construction Cares on April 22, 2018, an interactive activity filled event for children and adults of all ages!

There are opportunities for sponsorships, donations for gift baskets, and volunteering, so if you own or are part of a company or would like to be involved in a different way, please let me know.

Up until now, the vast majority of fundraisers have been in my hands, which holds with it a lot of stress and pressure. I remain blown away by the generosity of Joe and everyone who has joined us this early on in the event. I feel relief and that this is not all on me and gratitude that we can continue to raise necessary funds for research despite me not doing the lion’s share of the work.

Best of all for all of you, with the awesome ideas of our core committee, this event is going to be incredible, with fantastic food, treats and activities. Check out the attached poster, mark your calendars, and continue to check in with the Facebook page to get exciting updates!

Thank you for your support, year after year.

With love,

Deb, Ryan, Trey and the rest of our Purcell crew!


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