August 10, 2013 mcfadyena

My Limited Edition

TrashiesI got a Bachelor’s Degree education in trashies today. Trashies are a kids toy, of which there are many, that you can trade, have different levels of value/worth, and are all the rage in our neighborhood right now. Avery thinks they are awesome and anything he thinks is awesome, we hear all about!
We were driving in the van and Avery was telling me all about the different types of trashies, two of which are ‘common’ and ‘limited edition’. ‘What does common mean?’ Avery asked. Common means there’s lots of them, I told him, and when there’s lots of them, they lose their value and importance in our culture because you can get them anywhere and everyone has them!
Then Sadie asks: ‘What does limited edition mean?’ I responded that ‘limited edition’ means there’s not very many of them and because there’s not very many and they’re hard to get, everyone wants them, and they’re considered pretty cool. We then talked about other cars and consumer items in the world that have ‘limited edition’ status. It got me to thinking.
Trey’s not my kid with a progressive and rare disease, he’s my limited edition. He’s hard to come by and everyone should want one of him. He’s also pretty cool. Although I avoid labels when possible, when the need arises, this one is my new go-to. It has superhero status.
It’s all about perspective…


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