April 28, 2011 mcfadyena

Exciting Gala updates!!

Updates are coming so quick around here, there’s not time to post about all the exciting stuff going on! Tickets for our Gala are officially for sale. We have so many awesome people on board to speak, perform, and attend, I am already so excited for this event. Click on the link for ticket sales: http://onceuponacure.com/gala/tickets/
I’ve also confirmed our speakers, Simon Ibell & Dr. Paul Moxham, Trey’s ENT. Simon is hope and inspiration for me, I am so so excited he’ll be coming to speak. I wrote a blog about him on our Gala website: http://onceuponacure.com/blog/simon-ibell-more-inspiration/. Dr Moxham has been our advocate from the beginning. He’s funny and personable and smart and respectful and listens to parents (which is why our relationship works ;-))! He is a wonderful wonderful doctor who is giving up a night with his family to speak at our event. Again, thrilled. 🙂
And last but not least, Will Blunderfield will be singing at our event. I wrote a blog about him too: http://onceuponacure.com/blog/will-blunderfield-inspiration/. This is him, above, as well.


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