December 16, 2010 mcfadyena

A flight with Santa

Yesterday was an AMAZING day. Since Trey was diagnosed, we’ve participated in many events for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation: Miracle Weekends, radio and television interviews, the Festival of Lights, and more. So, to thank us, the Foundation invited us to an event hosted by Telus at the Vancouver International Airport, which happened yesterday. When we arrived, a number of Telus employees greeted us and showed us around. There was home made apple cider, hot chocolate, marshmallows, rice crispy squares, gingerbread men and angels,  jello, and toys to play with. We were also told that, in a few minutes, Santa would be arriving with Mrs. Claus in Telus’ private jet. The women from the Foundation we’ve gotten to know over the years, as well as three other families who have spent a lot of time at Children’s and taken part in the Foundation’s fundraising events, were also there.
A few minutes later, the jet arrived, with Santa and Mrs. Claus on board. My kids’ eyes were popping out of their heads, and I had tears in my eyes, as they watched Santa get off the plane. It was so sweet. Santa and Mrs. Claus came into the hanger and talked with the kids, and soon after, Ry, Trey, Ave, Sadie and I were off to board the plane with Santa. We got to go on a 30 minute tour, into the US and around to the Gulf Islands, just off our coast. Each seat had binoculars and a little Telus stuffed hippo on it. I think the kids enjoyed the flight, but I think they enjoyed Santa even more. They got to go on a plane ride with SANTA!
When we got back from the flight, Mrs. Claus took off with another family for their flight and we went into the hanger. Santa gave our kids their Christmas gifts: Trey got 2 stuffed animals, a toque and a baseball hat from the Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Giants (our home hockey teams), as well as a Vancouver Giants sweatshirt. Avery got a digital camera and a remote control airplane. Sadie got tap shoes, a tutu and tights (which she put ON TOP of the clothes she was already wearing). On top of that, the kids got stockings filled with notepads, writing utensils, stamps, toys, and more. It was unreal. Christmas came early. They got the presents they asked Santa for, in person. AND, they got to hang out with Santa and Mrs. Claus and ask them as many questions as they wanted. Mrs. Claus even brought pictures of the reindeer to show the kids. They were so amazed and wonderous. After the kids mellowed a bit, we were brought a gingerbread house for the kids to decorate, and then they fed us lunch and we were able to get to know some of the other families who have led lives like ours. It was such a neat morning.
Afterwards, Trey just kept telling everyone that he got to meet the ‘real’ (we’ve told him that sometimes Santa sends out ‘helpers’ to go to malls and such places, to ‘pretend’ to be Santa, because Santa can’t be in more than one place at one time, and plus, Santa has to be up at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas Eve) Santa.
Here’s a video from Global TV:
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