April 11, 2010 mcfadyena

The Road Back…

For those of you I’ve talked with since Thursday and for those of you who read my blog often, I wanted to give you an update. I’m much better than I was. Although I’m still a bit fragile, I’m better. There were a number of factors that potentially went into Trey’s lower results: he had less than 8 hours of sleep Tuesday night before IQ testing on Wednesday (when he usually gets around 11), he had a gastrointestinal bug that had him throwing up Monday, with diarrhea Tuesday to Thursday, he had the more challenging IQ tests in the afternoon, which is a less than stellar time to test kids as they are petering out (he’d also had other tests in the morning), in addition to the fact that historically, these harder IQ tests have happened in the morning. Also, Ryan was not in the room during the testing, so we have no idea what happened. I know that in the past tests Trey has needed motivation to keep going, and lots of it, and I don’t know if the doctor administering the tests pushed or not or how hard.
So, because we have not noticed any change in Trey, and because there are so many potential factors that could have effected Trey’s results, we’re going to hold onto that until we go back. It’s about finding hope, right? So this is where I’m at. Holding onto hope and believing in Trey.
Doctors have the ability to shatter my confidence, but Trey has the ability to bring it back. I believe in that little guy.
Thanks for all your love in the past couple of days. I’ve needed it.


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