January 15, 2010 mcfadyena

Extraordinary Measures


Omi (Trey's great-grandma) & Trey, December 2009.

Ever since Trey was diagnosed, Ry’s been talking about making a documentary about our experience. More recently, he started talking about making a movie. Well, it’s been made. “Extraordinary Measures”, starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford is out in theatres. Here’s the link: http://extraordinarymeasuresthemovie.com/
This is when I wish I lived on an MPS island and could go watch it with those who live what we live. Ry said he doesn’t think he can go to it. I think I need to go see it. To light a fire under my ass. We need a cure. What’s $40,000 a year  with one fundraiser? We need more. We need a cure.
If anyone wants to go see it with me, I may need to be carried out.
Love Deb
PS. I hope you like the new site!!


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