January 12, 2010 mcfadyena

Trey's height & weight plotted

The head nurse at the medical day unit at the hospital has been commenting on wanting to chart Trey’s height and weight on a graph for a few weeks now because she thinks he’s so tall. She did that yesterday and it turns out he’s identically above the 97th %ile (which is as far as the charting goes) for both height and weight. Which is so so cool.
If Trey were not on ERT, he would not be this tall. From birth, Trey was above the 97th %ile for his height and weight. However, by the time Trey started ERT just before his 3rd birthday, his weight remained in the same percentile, but his height was now hovering around the 90th %ile. His growth was starting to slow down. This is typical in Hunter Syndrome because the bones are effected, and as a result, men with Hunter’s have short stature. But because of ERT, he remains tall. Awesome.
I love good news!! 🙂


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