July 9, 2009 mcfadyena

Traveling to UNC for IT trial testing & final 'Time for a Cure' tally

I spoke with Dr. Muenzer today. Trey, Ryan and I will be traveling to UNC for developmental testing done by Dr. Muenzer’s team on July 19. Testing will happen on July 21 & 22 and we’ll travel home again on July 23. There are a lot of feelings about it and a lot is going on in our life right now, so I will save details and blogging about it for another time.
I also got our final ‘Time for a Cure’ tally. We raised $13,000!!!!! Thank you again to everyone who supported us! We currently have a $50,000 MPS II Research RFA (Request for Applications) out, the deadline July 30. I know of two excellent researchers who will be applying for the grant, so I am really excited. This is what our fundraising is all about: research and a cure!!!!!!!!!!!!! So thanks for helping us be able to put out RFA’s so that brilliant researchers can apply and we put an end to this disease!


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