June 17, 2009 mcfadyena

League MVP for Baseball

Spring 2009
We received some more excellent news yesterday. A few monthes ago, when Trey’s coach and Vancouver Minor Baseball found out about Trey’s difference and our ‘Time for a Cure’ fundraiser, they decided to make a $500 donation to the MPS II Research Fund. In the words of one of the board members when they made this decision: “…He’s one of our kids, and Vancouver Minor should be doing something about it…”
That was the first email from Trey’s baseball coach that got me teary. Below is an email I got from Steve yesterday:
Hi guys,
I just called your house.  I was hoping to catch you before I leave the office.  I’m out at a class tonight and won’t be home until quite late, so maybe we can connect tomorrow.
What I want to talk to you about is our plans for Saturday.  As you know the league has decided to make a donation of $500 to your fund.  We were looking at making a presentation on Saturday at the league wrap up party.  There’s another part to it that I haven’t let you in on yet and I just want you to have a heads up.
When all of the teams are on the field on Saturday for the awards, awards will be handed out for most improved player and MVPs of each division.  This year we’ve added a new award and for the first time ever, we will be awarding a league-wide MVP.
It’s going to be awarded to Trey.
We have a special trophy for him and we will have our donation in an envelope at that time as well.
It’s unfortunate that this is all landing on a day that you are moving, but wanted you to know what will be happening as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss it.
I’ll talk to you guys soon.
Needless to say, every time I read it I cry. Trey is an awesome baseball player, which makes this award exciting for him (and us!) to receive, but with everything that has happened to Trey in his life so far, and that he can still be so gifted and get an award like that… I’m a proud and happy mum.


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