October 28, 2008 mcfadyena

Trey had his follow up hearing test yesterday.

Trey had his follow up hearing test yesterday. The really exciting news for me is how well Trey did in the hearing booth. My mom was with him and said he concentrated so well. The tests were done in short order because he was so cooperative. His hearing is also better than the last test, two and a half weeks ago, showed. His hearing is not as good as it was in July (his last hearing test before he got this cold), but it seems to be improving. The good news is, I doubt Trey has more permanent loss. The bad news is, any time Trey gets a cold, his hearing suffers for at least a couple of monthes.
We also found out yesterday that Trey has carpal tunnel syndrome (CST). I don’t know how severe it is at this point, but Trey is being referred to plastic surgery. I don’t think it is known definitively whether or not ERT helps with CTS. I think there is hope that it can prevent further build up, but I think there is consensus that it does not reverse it.
In cardiology news, Trey has an echocardiogram and EKG next week on November 3. Usually Trey has this done every year, but because Trey’s last echo and EKG showed some increased changes, Dr. Stockler wants to keep a closer eye on his heart. His last echo and EKG were done in January 2008. This was news to me, so I’m still adjusting.


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