December 21, 2007 mcfadyena

What I'm Talking About

DK's son, Tyler, who has MPS III

In my last entry I spoke about being attracted to people who are real. Well, here’s an example. This excerpt is taken from a friend of mine’s Caringbridge website. Her son has MPS III and he was diagnosed in August:
“It’s a sad day…too much on my mind. Tyler takes the front seat but more baggage is piling in than I can handle right now. Physically I am tired. I am hurting. I am sick of the kicks, the scratches, the bites. I am sore from the hair pulling, head butting and endless pinching. I am stiff from ducking flying objects like sippy cups and lunch bowls. I am cramped from living on my hands and knees scraping up wet rice from the floor and picking out crushed cheerios from the carpet. I have been searching for an outlet…preferably a safe one. Even time away seems to go too swiftly and I find myself back here again being disappointed all over. I fantasize about running away. Just me. I imagine myself in another city, another state where no one knows me. I hide there and try to forget my past and reinvent my future. In my fantasy I am happy and I don’t look back. I can picture myself smiling, laughing and running through my days. I am free of the weight of the baggage that slows me down here. This is my escape. I am sad to me right now.”
It is this kind of honesty that makes it okay for people, me included, to be less than perfect. Life has ups and downs, and it is impossible to recognize the beauty in life without having experienced its despair and sorrow. Thank you, Donna Kay, for sharing yourself and for making it okay to be human.


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