October 1, 2007 mcfadyena

Tube Surgery #3

My pregnant photoshoot, weeks before Sadie was born. September 2007.

Tube surgery #3, General Anesthetic #7. I’ve never had one. This is what I was thinking as my kid was crying in my arms when I was in the recovery room after his second anesthetic in less than a month and a half. All in all it went well. The old tubes got taken out, the fluid got suctioned out, the new permanent tubes got put in, and there were no complications.
However, it wasn’t overly great for Trey. If you’ve been following our journey, you know that after Trey’s first anesthetic I entered the recovery room after his surgery to Trey going ballistic. It took about half an hour to calm him down. Apparently he wakes up very fast from anesthetics. The next anesthetic Trey had, we requested to be in the Recovery Room before he woke up so this wouldn’t happen again. Didn’t happen. So we started going to the Recovery Room as soon as the doctors came out of the procedure to tell us everything went well. This does not go over well with the nurses.
We have been given every excuse in the book as to why being there early is not okay…we might interfere, we might cause problems for other kids in Recovery, if there’s complications getting the tube out of his mouth, we will be in the way…and we have also been threatened with being taken out by Security if we don’t leave “right now.” But we have continued to go to the Recovery Room before we are told.
Yesterday, because I didn’t want to fight and because I thought I’d give the nurses another chance, I waited to go to Recovery until the nurses called me. And guess what. Trey was hysterical when I got in there. I lost it on the nurse who was taking care of Trey. So I guess we’re back to barging our way in.
Poor little guy, he woke up while the tube was still in his mouth. Since he will likely have many anesthetics over the years, I’d like to keep them as positive for him as possible.
I also thought I’d mention that it was Ry and my second wedding anniversary yesterday as well. The reason I bring it up is because when I think about our wedding and the past 2 years, what blows my mind is how 4 monthes into our marriage, we were faced with one of the worst things parents could be faced with. I think about how at our wedding we were blissfully ignorant and had no idea. We had one beautiful monkey and another on the way.
And then bam. We were blindsided. Our marriage has been tested to the max and the cool thing is, we’re doing awesome. Ups and downs as usual, but we’re happy. Trey is doing brilliantly, as is Avery, and we have another monkey on the way! Life is…a journey. What a journey it is.
And lastly, the Stargate North Face duffle bags which were sold on Ebay, with the proceeds going to the MPS Society, made over $1,000. Wow!! Thanks again to everyone who was involved. We have some great people from Stargate on our side, so I’m hoping that their help may keep up. Even just for awareness. The more people who know about MPS, means the earlier kids will get diagnosed and the more people who will get involved in some way or other. It’s a great feeling knowing that the word is getting out. I want to keep it up!! Much love from all of us and thank you for checking in to see how we’re doing.


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