August 21, 2007 mcfadyena

Our Trooper

Checking out their new duds at our cabin. Summer 2007.

I am blown away by the difference in Trey from his last hernia surgery to this one. Three monthes ago, when he had surgery for his umbilical and left inguinal hernias, Trey took days to recover. He was miserable, clearly in a lot of pain, he refused to walk for over 24 hours, we had to keep him medicated for 2 days continuously or he was almost screaming, he had a fever…it took him a good week to get back to his usual easygoing, happy self.
This time, Trey walked upstairs after a nap (4 hours after surgery) to tell us he was awake. We thought his nerve block (like an epidural) must still be working because he seemed so pain free, but the nerve block makes you unbalanced and he seemed to be walking okay. We waited a while to give him Tylenol because he seemed so fine, but gave him some anyways about 2 hours after we were supposed to, just incase. We gave him one more dose of Tylenol before bed so he’d sleep well.
Well, not only did he spend the day walking around the house yesterday (with a bit of a limp), asking to go to the park with his mood as easygoing as usual, but he slept through the night without needing anymore Tylenol. I don’t know what made the difference, but it is such a relief for us.
Last time it was so hard to watch Trey take so long to recover. Surgery is hard for parents anyways, at least us. I think often about the fact that Trey has gone through more in one year than I and most other people have gone through in our entire lives. He’s such an awesome kid. I also want to extend another thank you to everyone who participated in “Tacos for Trey.”
Recently, a friend from Ryan’s work who’s in the costume department (Ry’s in the film industry), beaded all of the wording on a “Got Hope” t-shirt (front and back) and gave it to me. I had no idea he was doing it and was completely surprised. It is beautiful.
Ever since Trey’s diagnosis, and especially at “Tacos”, we have been amazed at people’s generosity and kindness. I do not have room in my blog to tell you all about the little and big things people have done for us that have touched our hearts deeply. Donations, volunteering, flowers, calls, emails, medical advice, words of hope and support. The list goes on and on and on. We want to say thank you. We wish we could express to each of you individually what you have done for us, but it would take years because we have received so much love and support. We hope you know what you have done for us because we are so grateful and will never forget.


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