March 5, 2007 mcfadyena

Infusion #5, Trey's Birthday, a Story on Shaw

Trey turned 3 last Thursday, March 1. We had a great day. In the morning the three of us went to music class with Trey and Ave’s cousin Oskar. We came home for nap and in the afternoon we went swimming and swam and jumped like Shamu. Pizza was for dinner and at 6:00pm, we went and picked up Trey’s new kitten, Boo. Both kids love Boo and have so much fun with him. They also love taking care of him, feeding him, brushing him etc. Omi (my grandma), my dad, and sister spent the day with us.
Three years. How much has happened. I remember three years ago when Trey was born at BC Women’s Hospital. After he was born and the Apgar scores and everything were taken, all the hospital staff left the room, so Ry and I could have some time alone with Trey. I remember asking Ry if they should really be leaving us alone: “Do you know what you’re doing?” I asked him. What fun the last three years has been. Better than any other job I’ve ever had. Sometimes I used to wake up before going to work or school and not want to go. That’s never happened once as a mom. Sure there’s been moments, but never once have I woken up wishing for the day not to happen. These little ones make life worth living.
Our story was also on Shaw cable yesterday and when I get a copy, I will put it on the site.
And last, but definitely not least, Trey had infusion #5 today. We arrived at 7:25am, and after the pharmacy taking so long to get the drug up here again, the MDU nurses decided we should no longer come so early. We did Emla, weight, BP etc. like usual, and then waited. The infusion started at 10:00am and finished just after 1:30. With a 1 hour wait, we were leaving the hospital close to 3:00pm. Another day and no reactions. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!


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