February 9, 2007 mcfadyena

Reactions, hospitals, hernias… what a week!

This week was a busy one. Monday night, after Trey’s first infusion, Trey woke up twice with gas, major bloating, and diarrhea (I’ll leave the details out!). We also noticed an inguinal hernia for the first time that night, probably due to bloating.
Tuesday Trey had a headache for the majority of the day, bad enough for him to tell us about it (he rarely complains about pain).
Wednesday we saw a pediatrician about Trey’s hernia. He explained that while umbilical hernias do not require surgery (Trey has had one since he was about 8 months old), inguinal hernias do require surgery because of the risk of them getting strangulated. He put in a referral for us to see a general surgeon and sent me home with the information that if I notice it is blue, red, hard, or painful, we should take a trip to the BCCH Emergency.
Last night, right before the kid’s bedtime, Ryan thought he noticed the hernia was hard, so off he and Trey went to Emergency. I met them there after Ryan’s mom came over to babysit Ave. After waiting 3 hours in Emergency, we found out that no, it was not strangulated. So we went home.
Today we had an interview and photos with the North Shore News. We should be in next Sunday’s edition!


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