October 23, 2006 mcfadyena

CBT Possibility at BC Children's

Water in a wine glass. So grown up! Summer 2006.

We found out today that there is a possibility Trey could have a CBT done here at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH), if that is the route we choose to take. It is all still just talk, but if it is safe enough and everyone is willing to work together to do this for Trey up here, it could save us a lot of stress. The transplant would be paid for, we have the support of being at home, Ryan can work if he has to, we would be able to come home a lot sooner…the list goes on. It’s not for sure and we won’t know anything until we go to Duke and also talk with the transplant doctor up here, but it’s got us interested. Regarding going to North Carolina, we will hopefully have a definite schedule for the CBT assessment by tomorrow. We are really looking forward to going.


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