September 27, 2006 mcfadyena

Busy Day

Trey watching the "Super Dogs" at the Fair at the PNE. Summer 2006.

So we had a really busy day today. In the morning we saw our ENT, Paul Moxham, who didn’t stop making my dad laugh for the entire appointment. He’s really funny and really nice. Anyways, Trey’s left ear tube is out and as a result of a recent cold, he has fluid in that ear. His right ear tube is still in, but almost out. We are going to see him again in 2 months to take another look, and if the fluid is still there, discuss another set of tubes. We also had a physio appointment with Jane, through the Infant Development Program (IDP). She plays with Trey, checks out his strength and flexibility, and then makes suggestions for games and things to do to keep his range of motion excellent. He really likes her. Then this afternoon we saw our Naturopath, Jason Hughes. He gave me some awesome physical ideas for how to drain the fluid from Trey’s ears, and how to get rid of congestion naturally (Trey just got over a cold…his first in over 6 months), and then he made some adjustments to his remedies. Tomorrow we see an Osteopath for the first time. Dr. Hughes suggested we see her for craniosacral massage.


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